Wild Science Soap Studio - Ocean Friends


Product description

Master the craft of designing your own soap with the Wild Science Ocean Friends Soap Studio. Create your own soaps that feature sunny starfish, shimmering shells and glittery fish! Once you’ve created and cooled the soaps, you can use them in the bath!

The soap is made from professional grade, hypoallergenic ingredients to ensure your amazing creations are gentle on the skin.

Includes 1 x clear soap base, 40g of titanium dioxide white pigment soap, 2 x beakers, 2 x coloured food Dyes, 2 x moulds, 1 x glitter powder, 3 x craft sticks, 1 x pair of gloves and instructions.

  • Explore the science behind soap
  • Create amazing soaps straight from the box
  • Easy to do follow instruction guide with illustrations
  • Sunny starfish shimmering shells funny fishes suspended in glittering transparent soap shapes. Design melt mix decorate embed cool and use them for luxurious creative bath time.

    Age 8.

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